Past Awards

Kimberly Palermo was awarded a scholarship for the paul Simon Institute.  She has done some amazing research and has educated communities in the area about human trafficking.  Click for more information: human_trafficking_simon_poll_press_release_Final.  

2013-2014 Recipients – $130,000 Awarded

Top Row, Left to Right:
Basma Mahmood & Kristin Isaacson U of I, College of Law; Lindsay Knaus, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, SIU;

Middle Row, Left to Right
Lisa Gillette U of I College of Law; Mary Ann Karagainnis & Noel Susberry both U of I College of Law

Bottom Row, Left to Right
Stephanie Tang & Yasmine Kumar both U of I College of Law



2010-2011 & 2011-2012 – $80,000 Awarded


Top Row, Left to Right:
Meredith Riccio, Hannah Weinberger-Divack & Kelly Kono

2008 – $30,000 awarded
Katherine Parkhurst
Kristine Young
Colleen McNichols Ramais

2007 – $48,000 awarded
Suzanne Graf
Kristine Young
Julie Owen
Colleen McNichols Ramais

2006 – $40,000 awarded
Sarah Duffy
Adisa Krupalija
Carol Wong
Kristine Young